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Research shows that 80% small companies that lose all their data go out of business within 6 months. For many small companies their email is their company data and if they lose it this can be disastrous.

What are the main causes of loss of emails?

Truncated File Size due to Volume Errors Corruption can happen at a file system level. File systems, at some point, may have minor inconsistencies that will not allow the file to be correctly accessed. Volume errors may invoke the operating system’s internal repair tool. These tools work to get the volume ready to read and write data. Sometimes the data is sacrificed during this repair process. If there are volume errors, the repair tool will truncate or “chop” the file. This can remove large sections of the file thereby making it inaccessible! Once you have done this you cannot go back; if you don’t have a backup you have lost your email! At this point data recovery is possible but expensive.

Exceeding the 2GB limit for a PST file in Outlook 2000. If you never delete or archive your emails in Outlook you are inviting disaster. Outlook 2000 simply cannot open a pst file that is larger than 2GB. Once it gets to this size you have a problem. The important thing is to seek help immediately from the professionals as if you let Outlook run the Inbox Repair Tool at this stage you will lose data!

Deletions can be of the message store file itself or of the internal objects, such as folders or emails.

Overwrites & OS

Overwrites can be of the message store file from a previous backup. Internal objects can be overwritten through an importation or manually moving messages with the same name.

Re-install of OS is a common data loss scenario is the re-installation of the operating system. In the case of the Windows Operating System, Explorer is integral part of the system. Outlook Express relies heavily on Explorer to define the system file locations. A re-installation can overwrite Profiles that contain the locations of these files. Windows XP has a safeguard to not allow a secondary installation with the same user name; as long as the volume is not reformatted. In this way, the user profile in the Documents and Settings folder is not lost.

Internal Corruption Message stores are complex structures internally. Due to an application error, there may be incorrect data written inside of the file. This corruption will not allow the email client to access the data correctly.

As always Prevention is the best Cure! Cambridge Computers Ltd  have specialists in this field waiting for your call. We will come along to your office or even remotely access your Pc to give you a free assessement and if remedial action needs to be taken we will advise you accordingly.

If you have already suffered data loss then we have tools and expertise to recover this data. We can then setup you up with a reliable backup and archiving system to help prevent this from happening in the future.


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